2012 ARRL November Sweepstakes

The ARRL‘s annual November Sweepstakes is the oldest domestic contest, beginning in 1930.  

It‘s a competition between North American stations – individuals, teams, and clubs.  For many 

US and Canadian hams, it is their first contest operation and remains a regular event on their 

yearly schedule for a lifetime.  The contest is somewhat unique in that each station may only be 

contacted once and the number of different recognized locations (―multipliers‖) is limited to the 

ARRL and RAC sections.  Working all of the sections is called a ―Clean Sweep‖ and allows the 

station to claim one of the coveted Clean Sweep coffee mugs – there are other awards, as well.


2012 brings some changes on the Canadian side of the border – the old Ontario (VE3, ON) 

section has been deleted and split into four new sections: Ontario North (ONN), Ontario East 

(ONE), Ontario South (ONS), and Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  This means a Clean Sweep 

now requires 83 sections!  Contest Club Ontario is making extra efforts to be sure all four VE3 

sections are on the air.  Make sure your contest logging software is up to date so that it 

recognizes the new section abbreviations!

This package of information about Sweepstakes contains an overview of the contest and how to 

participate.  Log sheets and entry forms for both the CW and Phone contests are printed at the 

back.  In between, you‘ll find the complete rules for the contest.

We hope you‘ll participate in the 2012 ARRL Sweepstakes – thanks for your interest!


Sean Kutzko, KX9X

ARRL Contest Branch Manager

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